I’m Alejandra Barahona

Since I was little, I have been interested in the designs of some perfumes. I liked collecting them and keeping them in their original box; from that moment, I realized that I had an extensive collection of objects just because I liked their packaging. I used to buy different products just for the feeling they transmitted me.

Some products have the magic of transporting you to other places, and that’s when the design appears; I have always wanted to have the skills to create these same sensations. I have studied at the University of North Greenwich in London; I will soon graduate. I enjoy working on interdisciplinary projects, and I am passionate about branding, Motion graphics, and 3D. I am currently experimenting with objects that I found in my environment and photography. I also passionate about learning from other cultures and travelling. My final goal is to be able to develop my skills more every day and to be able to create magical products that other people like to collect just like me.