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Alma Bakery.

Brand Concept

Alma Bakery is a small business specialized in handmade cakes and cupcakes, and other delicious desserts. From the heart to your door, Alma means soul, soulful baked goods. For any special moment with your family and your friends.

Alma bakery wants to be there to make you enjoy the experience of savoring a cake.
Our prominent flavor is arequipe, a milk candy made in South America, famous in Argentina, and desired in Peru. Our brand identity is based on the inspiration of the arequipe and its delicious flavor.

Somos Chibchas.

Somos Chibchas is a dance group dedicated to Colombian folklore; they travel through different countries, teaching  Colombia’s traditional dances, for example, the Afro-Caribbean style, Mapale, and more.This group’s identity is dedicated to Colombia, and the logo is inspired by butterflies and orchids, which are one of the most prominent elements of the country. This dance group’s definition in four words would be love, laugh, enjoy, and dance; Somos Chibchas invites us to learn about different cultures in their dances. They tell stories, for example, the slavery of Africans in South America.

Support Soap Not Plastic.

Brand strategy / Support soap not plastic.

It supports non-plastic soap; it is an advertising campaign dedicated to children. The primary intention is to communicate a message in a fun and simple way. We must reduce our plastic consumption with small habits such as using bar soap and not bottled soap.

Children are the future, and the earth is their home and our home. That is why we must teach them to respect the planet. with the climate change organization’s help; we seek to communicate that minor changes; can have great results.